Sculpture symbolizing Yerevan has no place yet

Today, Council of Elders decided that the statue of political and military figure Aram Manukyan will be placed the crossroads of Aram and Nalbandyan streets in Yerevan. However, one of the monuments of Yerevan, which is considered a symbol of Yerevan, still does not find its place. This statue,”Mountain Dancing,” was moved from the Dvin Hotel for 30 years.

There is no final decision yet about the place that it will be installed. According to Yerevan’s chief architect Tigran Barseghyan, there are many suggestions, but they are looking for a convenient option. “It is preferable to install the statue in the downtown because the sculpture’s value is noticeable and recognizable and it would be great if it was placed in the parts of our central park,” said Yerevan’s chief architect Tigran Barseghyan to A1+.

The sculpture has been restored for 2 years, but cannot be placed in its former location. Almost 60% of the sculpture was damaged. Tigran Arzumanyan, who once worked on creating this sculpture for 11 years, has provided 6 months for restoring it. The author of the sculpture wants it to be placed in the center of Yerevan and not in the suburbs.