We feel as in our own home, but we do not know the language – Krzysztof Penderecki (video)

The meeting place with the Polish composer and conductor Krzysztof Penderecki was not accidental.

First of all, the students of the Tchaikovsky Music School should have been inspired by the visit of the greatest musician of our times, and Penderecki, in turn, learned about conditions of our future musicians.

“First of all thank you. We have been to Armenia several times with my wife. We come with great joy, listen to the wonderful musicians and communicate with wonderful people.”
He does not forget about its Armenian roots and during their visit to Armenia, he always tells about the parents of his grandmother who were from Spain.

Any composer, for example, must have his predecessor; for Penderecki this was Bach.

“As every ambitious young person wanted to say something new,” says Penderecki, “when during one of my pieces I involved a printing machine, it was a joke, but I would say that the musician who was playing that part admitted without any humor that he had been filled with hatred for this “instrument.” But even now, when the musical instruments of the orchestra are not enough, I create new instruments, such as the Tubafone.”

To the question, what process and development will take place in classical music, Penderecki replied: “I am not a prophet, and no one can say what kind of developments will happen to classical music, I only know that I have turned to classical art and I try to take it one step forward.”

The jubilee festival dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Penderecki will start today and will last until February 17, during which his symphonic and chamber works will be performed for the first time.