Children as first critics of Mimi film (video)

Director Arsen Aslanyann’s “Mimi” short film’s first audience were children.

“When my grandson looked at it for the first time, then he wanted to watch the movie several times. So, the idea that first children must  watch and evaluate the film emerged from this.

According to the director, the attitude of the children is most interesting. “I do not need the film critics to come and watch the film, the most important thing for me is the reaction of the children.”

The main character of the film, the dog called Mimi, was 6-7 months old when the owner noticed its abilities and began to train it. Today, Mimi helps the owner, Arsen Evvikyan, to bring the bouquet to the customer.

In the film, Mimi’s life is presented. At the shooting range, Mimi did not make any difficulties and did all the tasks.

Arsen Aslanyan worked with screenwriter Armen Tchgnavoryan. According to the screenwriter, dogs are characterized by the same problems that are common to people. The film will make the adults to think, and the kids to be happy.

Arsen Aslanyan would not mind showing the film on big screens and the money received from that he would like to transfer to the Animal Protection Fund.