Armenia has debt to survived people – survivor of Sumgait massacres (video)

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Armenian massacres in Sumgait. Larisa Alaverdyan, leader of the Foundation Against Violation of Law, with several women who survived the Sumgait massacres,told reporters today that this 30th anniversary is marked not only for the innocent victims or the survivors, but also for the Republic of Armenia’s debt to these people. “Why do not the government give these people a special status,” she asks.

“Sumgait massacres continued after 27-29. No one in the Soviet Union could imagine that the political and strategic objectives that were set by Azerbaijan since 1918 were implemented, discovered. Aliev’s recent statement was not accidental. Azerbaijan was born with that same slogan, it just could not be talked about it openly during the Soviet era,” notes Mrs. Alaverdyan.

Ruzanna Tovmasyan, who survived the massacres, described the atrocity that she witnessed. Before the massacres began, she was informed about it by her Azerbaijani friend with whom she used to play in the yard.  “Your Armenians demand Karabakh, and we, Azeris, have to kill them and Turkey will help us,” told that girl. So, she went to the house and told this but people did not believe hem. Mrs. Ruzanna claims that if the authorities of independent Armenia  presented what happened in Sumgait accurately, the negotiation process would be based entirely on other, completely different principles today.

“There is an incorrect opinion that the Azeri atrocities took place in response to the Karabakh Movement. On the contrary, the Karabakh movement was the answer to these pressures. Aliyev’s statement should clarified at this point at least,” Mrs. Alaverdyan underlines.

Soon a book of Azerbaijani testimonies will be published, where the reader will get to know the horrors that have been experienced by the Azerbaijani eyewitnesses.