Now, the taxpayer can avoid fines – Vahagn Hambardzumyan

Today, at the “Henaran” press club, Vahagn Hambardzumyan, a member of the Public Revenue Committee, told that the new Tax Code introduced some changes in business life

“Previously, the duties and rights of inspectors and those who are inspected were not defined in detail. Now they are clarified. Along with these, the deadlines for checking were also clarified.”

Davit Hambardzumyan notes that in the past, for example, surveys and inspections abroad could take 2-3 years because the deadline was not settled. Now there is a 180-day limit.

“Previously, when the inspection was opened, the taxpayer did not have the right to make a report adjustment. It contained a corruption risk. Now, the taxpayer can avoid fines through verification.”

Touching upon the special session of the Yelk (Way Out) on the new Tax Code, Vahagn Hambardzumyan noted that although the inflation is linked to the application of the new tax code, he is not sure that there is a need to return to the previous tax laws.