Arsen Artsruni does not come to court (video)

Arsen Artsruni, who was sentenced to life imprisonment on Dro’s case, could not even come to the trial on his case.

“Studies have shown that he is sick. Investigations are needed and we believe that it will be very difficult to cure that illness in prison’s conditions, especillyy when the illness is inclined to become malignant. This is why we think that Arsen should receive his treatment in freedom,” said his lawyer Narine Rshtuni.

The Appeals Criminal Court was appealing the decision of the independent commission, according to which the release of Arsen Artsruni, who was serving his sentence in Artik penitentiary, was denied. The independent commission argued that he had three penalties, two for a phone, and one for the modem.

The trial will continue on February 27. By the way, Arsen Artsruni studied at Urartu University in Faculty of General Psychology in Yerevan with an Excellence Diploma. In 2015, he participated in the international conference in Yerevan, published a scientific article.