Gymnastics are in bad condition in our country – Albert Azaryan

Three-time Olympic champion Albert Azaryan celebrated his 89th birthday yesterday.

“I don’t feel bad at all, just recently the leg injury that I had “reminds” itself to me, because of which I stopped my evening strolls. But every day I go to a gym, and follow the trainings of our our, simultaneously carrying out health exercises. ”

Legendary athlete is currently more concerned about the status of his favorite sport in the country.

“In the Soviet years, 320 sports schools were functioning. Two such sports schools, Hrant Shahinyan and my school are left in Yerevan today. I feel very bad that gymnastics are in such bad condition in our country, and this is the basis of all sports. Children involved in gymnastics have more chances to succeed in other sports than those who have not gone through that path,” says an experienced specialist.

Despite the difficult conditions, Albert Azaryan has great hopes for the current generation of our gymnastics. His only dream is that his pupils also succeed in the Olympics, just as he and his son Eduard Azaryan did.