Increased number of children in special schools is beneficial for directors (video)

Anahit Bakhshyan, an education expert and member of the Yelk (Way out) faction, stated that the number of children in special schools has increased in recent years, a result of poverty and emigration.

“The increase in their number is beneficial for school principals who receive additional money for each child, and on the other hand, children whose parents who are in poor social conditions attend these special schools for food and clothing.”

According to Anahit Bakhshyan, the majority of children in special schools do not need special education. Many of them are logical, thought-provoking children and can attend full-time secondary schools.

But according to the statistics, there are 128 students in a special school N2 for mentally retarded children, for which the state annually allocates 137 million 459 thousand drams, which means 1 million 73 thousand drams for each child. Meanwhile, in every regular school, for each student, the annual state provides 125-135,000 drams.

Anahit Bakhshyan says that by taking a normal child to a special school we destroy his future. She believes that it is a shame that at present there are schools with such titles in Armenia.

Anahit Bakhshyan has already raised the issue to the Human Rights Defender and waits for results.