Ara Ghazaryan: The decision of the Constitutional Court(CC) was a decision on free speech (video)

Auction and sale of land will no longer be closed. On January 30, the Constitutional Court upheld the lawsuit filed by the Investigative Journalists NGO and recognized Article 68 (6) of the RA Land Code as contradictory and invalid by which a closed auction-sale of community lands was set.

The sale of land was closed by the initiative of cadastre leaders. The main property in the communities is the land, nobody was aware of how and to whom the land was sold, said the investigative journalist Sara Petrosyan.

Artak Zeynalyan, a member of the NA Yelk (Way Out) faction, said that any interested person should be able to be present at the auction, observe and cover it.

“In this sense, the Constitutional Court has confirmed the fact that it is an effective remedy. This judgment is crucial. ”

Artak Zeynalyan noted that such issues should be solved in the Court of First Instance and should not reach the Constitutional Court.

“We have spent 4 years, resources, and still the Republic of Armenia should pay compensation for these violations.”

Lawyer Ara Ghazaryan said that the decision of the Constitutional Court(CC) was a decision on free speech.

“Those who want to sell communities’ lands cheaply through corruption, cut off the freedom of speech and do not allow the journalist or other interested people to see what kind of violations are made while selling lands with such low prices.”

“Mass corruption in this sphere is a violation of the law and the CC has corrected that mistake,” concluded Ara Ghazaryan.