Frunze Dovlatyan was from Qyavar, but he boasted and breathed with Yerevan. (video)

Frunze Dovlatyan’s son, a film director Michael Dovlatyan says about his father, “He was filming a noble movie. He was shooting as he was living. He respected every member of his shooting team, created a good team, shot a good film and fight for each shot. This is Frunze Dovlatyan. I have not distinguished between Dovlatyan-cinema and Dovlatyan-man. His handwriting was honesty.”

An exhibition dedicated to film director, screenwriter, actor, USSR People’s Artist Frunze Dovlatyan opened at the Charents Museum of Literature and Art. The archive materials were donated  to the museum by Dovlatyan’s wife, Iren Ordukhanyan.

Dovlatyan was dedicated to his country, and even he was from Qyavar, he “fed from his roots, boasted and breathed with Yerevan.”

“Many have tried to find out what was the secret of Dovlatyan’s success,” says museum director Karo Vardanyan. “In my opinion, one of his secrets was his deep knowledge of literature and how he could. ” He was able to put a lot of emotion into a shot and tell a whole story in a few seconds.

According to Karo Vardanyan, Dovlatyan and his remarkable generation have left us a glorious heritage, which we remember today with blessing, especially today when Armenian cinema did not live its best days.