World’s first bass-qanun maker refuses to make guitar

Engineer Albert Zakaryan is one of the few people who make national string instruments.

“No one has taught me that. I just learned to play a tar, I’am a musician, so I’m able to distinguish the notes. I feel the tone of the instrument, and make it.”

The first tar that Master Albert made, as he says, was sounding, but it was not something useful.

“The first tar that I made was very ugly, but it has bass tone. That sound “told” me not to continue. So, I continued this art, slowly reaching the maximum. I broke down my first tar which was very ugly, with the same waggle that I had made it.”

He is the first one who tests the ready-made instruments. True, there are not a lot of customers, but the master is not worried because he enjoys what he is doing, and customer will be found later.

“If you think about money, your business will not go ahead.”

Albert Zakaryan has made a number of innovations that were the first in the world.

“By Ara Gevorgyan’s idea, we has created a new tool, which was bass-qanun. It looks like a qanun, but the sound is not like the sound of the qanun.”

He also makes smaller tars for children aged 10-12. But he mentions that these same children are not interested in the process of preparation.
“Today’s young children have a computer and deal with new technologies; and this is my technology.”

The master, in turn, is not going to meet the demand. He says he will never make a guitar because he is not national.