Only hall of House of Culture needs to be renovated (video)

Nerqin Bazmaberd Cultural Center in Aragatsotn region does not feel a lack of cultural events. It is one of the unique cultural centers in the region that not only takes care of its financial problems by itself, but also “blossoms” the culture thanks to dedicated employees and students.

Goran ethnographic song and dance ensemble has worked here since 1977, which had 12 dance groups. The ensemble performed on numerous stages of the republic, participating in various concerts and festivals, and twice hosted in Artsakh. It has many diplomas, certificates and awards.

The troupe of the House of Culture has been operating for nearly 60 years. In those years, the “Nrenii” and “Khuchuchik” theater groups were set up in 2013. “The performances of Khuchuchik were greatly appreciated,” says Ruzanna Grigoryan, head of the artistic part of the House of Culture. Within the framework of the “Dolls for Peace” international festival, it took part in the fairy tales and dialect competition-festival at the Tumanyan House-Museum and three time won the 2nd place. Though they have lack of puppets and decorations, they have initiated to learn episodes from the epic Davit of Sassoon with the Sassoon dialect, hoping they will also find sponsors.

They have many things to do in the near future. They are going to participate in the 100th anniversary of Sardarapat Battle, junior theatrical festival “Nran hatik” , national-traditional song and dance festivals, etc.

The only hall of this House of Culture, where events are organized, is in a bad condition and needs serious renovation. They are waiting for benefactor.