March of Yelk is over (video)

18.55 The march of the Yelk (Way out) faction ended at Northern Avenue. Nikol Pashinyan recorded that the Yelk faction carried out its most crowded and energetic march.

“And I want to convince you and I feel that the Yelk will also carry out the most massive, most powerful and crucial march in Armenia’s history,” said Nikol Pashinyan.

“Why did we walk down the streets of Yerevan? We walked to record that a small process started in Armenia, which says that the majority of RA citizens are saying no to tinflation, no to robbery.”

Nikol Pashinyan announced that the next rally will take place on February 5, which would have a specific goal and demand. If the Government did not initiate a change in the Tax Code, then the the Yelk would finalizes its version of the Amendment to the Tax Code.

18.30 The march against inflations the Yelk started with pushing a car. Nikol Pashinyan, Head of the NA “Yelk faction, mentioned that the car symbolized the current economy of Armenia, also symbolizing the increase in gas price.

18.15 The Republic Party leader Aram Sargsyan announced in his speech at the march against the rise in prices that their aims and the expectations of the march were different. He said that it was understandable that the laws brought by the government would hit companies that work in the tax field following the law.

“The Prime Minister said that we did not have anything to complain about, and that we lived better than people in Georgia and Azerbaijan. He said that by changing the law they did a favor to us, that we should go and live quietly. Theoretically, the President said the same thing when he gave a command to go and check whether those changes were made due to greediness or whether there were problems,” he said.

The march of the Yelk (Way out) faction called “No to inflation and tax burden” started from the Charles Aznavour Square.

It should be noted that no political force has joined the faction’s march against the rise of price.