Pyotor Svitalski: I am the last person here who should feel responsible to answer the question (video)

At the ceremony of publication of the agreement between the EU and the civil society of Armenia today, the EU Ambassador to Armenia, the head of the EU delegation Pyotor Svitalski, responding to the question of “A1 +,” also spoke about Serzh Sargsyan’s nomination of the RA President, the HHK (Republican Party of Armenia) candidate Armen Sargsyan and their further cooperation published. “This is your inner matter, discuss it among yourselves, take into consideration that I am the last person here who should feel responsible to answer the question. Address the question to those here who are citizens of the Republic of Armenia.”

After the signing of the Armenia-EU agreement, at the end of this month, the Armenian authorities should present a roadmap, but it seems that the RA authorities do not hurry. Will this disappoint the EU? Ambassador Svitalski was optimistic. “We have started a very constructive, good work, opened a new page, and the National Assembly’s “Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement” will enable us to start implementing the contract. We start this work. I hope this map will be mutually agreed. In summer we will start the working process.”

Pyotor Svitalski also spoke about the Armenian government’s fight against corruption, noting that the EU had already given 20 million euros for that purpose, but that amount was not all. “We are with you, ready to help. I am glad that the Armenian authorities often pay attention to this issue. It is good that the issue of corruption is not a taboo in Armenia, and there are discussions on the problem. You have already created a great experience. If you approach the issue in a constructive way, I believe you will succeed. The public itself must create an atmosphere of intolerance, otherwise you will not achieve anything. “