Armenian shoes designer creates footwear in Spain (video)

Two years ago, Poblenou, a former industrial district in Barcelona, received a new breath when a group of artists decided to move there. Abandoned industrial buildings were turned into studios.

And those who settled in the neighbourhood became advocates of a new style of life and free ideas. The new style also reached the footwear market, and a namesake shoe brand was created in Spain.

Designer David Malakian was one of those inspired people who moved to Barcelona from Armenia.

David Malakian appeared in the Poblenou Company quite by chance. His LinkedIn profile was spotted by the Company and he soon received a job offer. A contract was concluded and the sides started a successful collaboration: today David is working on Fall/Winter 2018-19 Collection.

 This is long and painstaking work. It can take several months to make a pair of shoes and in the end you may not get what you wanted to have in the beginning.

 David says it is important for him that shoes be comfortable to wear. He usually tries them on, discusses details with the administration and only after it the new shoes are put up for sale. The designer says the sole of the shoes is made of special material which allows a person to wear the shoes for 12 hours without any inconvenience during the day.

At the same time, David never forgets that stylish shoes should be matched to clothes. That is the main reason why David, who is also a lecturer at the local Higher School of Design, decided to involve his students in that complicated and responsible work. The students came up with their own suggestions.

Among the post-Soviet countries, shoes designed by the Armenian national are sold only in Russia.