Anna Gevorgyan: The Iranian society is more feminist than the Armenian one (video)

The western press called strange women’s involvement in recent anti-government protests in Iran. Particularly, a video was spread out where a woman takes off her kerchief and is swinging it. It became a symbol of the demonstrations. Iranian expert Anna Gevorgyan said that the woman’s action was not made during those demonstrations.

“She did it the day before the events began. It is a movement that was initiated by an Iranian journalist from Great Britain. The latter called on Iranian women to take pictures without wearing kerchiefs and place them on the internet.”

Iranianologist Anna Gevorgyan, emphasized that that was not the first case when the Western media tried to distort many Iranian or Middle East events.

“Whenever anti-government protests, demonstrations are happening,  it seems that at the moment all the issues that are important for the Western world, are brought forward,” said Anna Gevorgyan.

\Women’s participation in protests in Iran has a history of centuries.Even women in harems were protesting for different issues. The Iraniologist mentioned that women’s participation in the latest demonstrations was not accidental. “We do not know that there is not any month during which teachers, engineers, workers organize protest for this or that problem, we do not know that among them a large number are women; we do not know that the majority of directors are women, etc.”

Women in the ranks of the harem have even raised their voices of protest during various problems. The Iranianologist states that women’s participation in recent protests is not accidental. “We do not hear that there is almost a month in Iran that teachers, engineers, workers, and some women make protests and do not listen to the fact that there are a lot of directors in the country and women’s directors.”

Although Iran is a long-time neighbor of Armenia and there is almost no lack of contacts between the two nations, there are misinterpretations of the Iranian society, customs, Islam and especially the status of women in the Armenian society.

According to Iranian expert,The Iraniologist said that the Iranian society was more feminist than the Armenian one, and  we could be proved by the fact that in the Armenian community of Iran there was a woman deacon.