There are 15 people in cells set up for 8 people (video)

Robert Revazyan, a member of the public monitoring group in the penitentiaries of the RA Ministry of Justice, says the conditions for the detention of prisoners did not change. “In particular, the problem of overcrowding of “Nubarashen” Penitentiary. There are 15 people in the cells set up for 8 people, and the first floor of the establishment is not fit for accommodation at all. There are cells in the penitentiary, which are in very bad conditions; and there are also well-renovated cells that are renovated by the detainees. ” The speaker said that the state should take the responsibility to bring all cells to the same condition.

Unresolved health problems in penitentiaries lead to deaths, in particular, the death of Hats Berogh (person who delivered bread for the members of “Sasna Tsrer”), said Zara Hovhannisyan, a member of the public monitoring group of the RA Ministry of Justice.

“There were two serious cases in Abovyan women’s penitentiary, about which we informed the Ministry of Justice and were rejected. As a result, one of the women died, and the other one is in the intensive care unit. These cases are under the responsibility of the Penitentiary and the Ministry of Justice. ”

Lieutenant Colonel Tigran Sahakyan, Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice,  also did not deny the issue of overpopulation and unfavorable conditions of the penitentiary institution. “In 2009, a decision was made to implement infrastructure reforms, but our financial condition does not allow it to be implemented within a year or two. In near future a new penitentiary is planned to be built in Goris. ”

Robert Revazyan noted, “If the state cannot cure a prisoner’s serious illness, then the prisoner should be released for receiving treatment, instead of waiting for his/her death.”

Lieutenant Colonel Tigran Sahakyan responded, “In 2017, 1,740 prisoners and convicts were taken to civilian hospitals because their treatment in prisons was not effective.”