Artsakh Foreign Ministry welcomes resolution proposed by Congressman Pallone

Ani Sargsyan, Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of Artsakh, told about the aforementioned to

Question: How would you comment on the US Congressman Frank Pallone’s “US-Artsakh: visits and contacts” initiative?

Answer: “We welcome the resolution proposed by Congressman Frank Pallone, ‘U.S.-Artsakh Travel and Communication,’ aimed at establishing contacts between Artsakh and the United States and breaking down artificial barriers to visiting Artsakh by the U.S. officials,” she stated. “We are convinced that the mutual visits of official representatives of the two states, as well as an open and direct dialogue between our countries will contribute to the solution of the existing problems in the region. International cooperation, based on the principle of inclusion and not exclusion is also an important factor for reducing tensions in the region.

“We expect that Congressman Pallone’s initiative will get strong support at the U.S. Congress and will give a new impetus to the development of relations between Artsakh and the United States.”