Papazyan’s belongings and manuscripts to be removed from archives (video)

Today is the 130th birthday of Vahram Papazyan.

Senior Researcher and Head of Cinema Department Larisa Gyuliganyan recalls that Vahram Papazyan was a “friend” of Charents Museum of Literature and Art, and during those years, he was friend with Director of the Museum Sarkis Meliksetyan.

It was 1967. Mrs. Larisa was 20 years old, she was just employed, but the meetings with the “genius of the Armenian stage” still cannot remember without tears.
Mrs. Larisa was fortunate to see Papazyan on the stage as well.

“He was playing Othello, and Sargis Meliksetyan was present, too,” remembers Mrs. Larisa. “Papazyan approached him and said something in his ears. When I asked about what he was saying, Meliksetyan answered with a smile that he was curious about who are in the hall, “to hack or to play?”

The rich archive of Papazyan museum was created over the years, which includes letters, costumes, personal belongings, and each of which has its own story. The last donation to the museum has come from Vanadzor.

According to Naira Shahvaladyan, the head of the Museum Theater Department, the museum prepares a jubilee year show. It is going to remove items and manuscripts that are carefully preserved and cherished. Also, there will be orgnized lectures for older children.