Presidential elections to be held on March 2 (video)

“The candidate should be a person enjoying authority and having an influence in the Diaspora, someone with no party affiliation. We should keep these standards. Concerning the question whether we have such people in Armenia, I can only answer that we indeed have such people in our country, whose names can’t be told at the moment”, stated head of the Republican Party of Armenia faction Vahram Baghdasaryan.

Serzh Sargsyan seems to have already assumed the duties of the future prime minister and holds discussions on inflation. He talks about long-term plans when his presidency ends in April.
“Before the elections, the president’s power belongs to him and he fulfills his duties.”

And what are the Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s duties?
 “Certainly, all such political responsibilities are for the president, and Karen Karapetyan is the head of the government. Karen Karapetyan works in concerted manner with the President of Armenia.”

The presidential elections will probably be held on March 2, and the negotiations on choosing candidates will start already this week at the Republican Party’s Supreme Body session, head of the Republican Party of Armenia faction Vahram Baghdasaryan told reporters.