People living abroad do not forget their place of birth – resident of Movses (video)

The number of people leaving the border village Movses has increased during the past week. The elderly are mostly left alone in the village after their relatives’ visit during the holidays.

Vasil Arakelyan, who has 3 girls, 2 sons, 11 grandchildren, spend half of the year with his wife in this village. 81-year-old man does not blame those who leave the village. His youngest boy says goodbye to his parents very hard, he always wants to stay in the village with them, but why should he do so?

“I am very satisfied with my life, “says Vasil Arakelyan, stressing that his sons are “keeping” the house strong. Once, they came from Moscow to repair the damaged house.

“People living abroad do not forget their place of birth, and they send money to the occasion of sadness and joy.”

However, the villagers can not afford repairing the road to Movses village.

People living in the border village do not speak much about their problems. But there is one thing that I would like to stress. I wish that those leaving in Yerevan, 221 kilometers from the border, remember that Movses is not only the village of its residents.

More details are in the video.