There is a decrease in acute respiratory diseases due to snowfall – Ara Asoyan (video)

During the meeting with journalists, chief of the RA Ministry of Health Ara Asoyan stated  that these acute respiratory diseases are widespread among the country, including flu.

“These are seasonal diseases and the weather also contributes to their spread. During the holidays, people’s contacts with each other increase, which also impacts on the spread of the deceases,” said Ara Asoyan.

He did not deny the well-known view of people that the virus would disappear during the snowfall.

“There is no scientific justification that snowfall contributes to the destruction of the virus, but statistics show that in those days when it’s snow, there is a fall in the flu disease,” said the infectionist.

Speaking about vaccination, Ara Asoyan mentioned that it gives a result. In particular, as a result of vaccination, cases of acute respiratory illness are not registered among recruits.