Atom Margaryan: Fighting through demonstrations and strikes is like Don Quixote’s fight

Economist Atom Margaryan said that the rise in prices was not unexpected as 2017 the amendments to the Tax Code, made in 2017, had already planned to raise the prices for certain goods such as cigarettes, beverages, petrol, etc.

He thought inappropriate of  politicizing the inflation problem. “Fighting through demonstrations and strikes is like Don Quixote’s fight.”

“Pricing and inflation are different things, but people often confuse them,” said the economist. “If prices for several goods rise, it does not mean that inflation took place. By 2017 the actual inflation was 2.6%.”

The speaker said that if we compared the inflation rate with other countries, then we would see that in our country it was lower. Unemployment rate dropped from 19% to 16.5% in 2017, which happened due to with investment, as well as temporary migration.

When asked by A1 +, what should an ordinary citizen do when the political struggle was considered inappropriate, and the government did not raise salaries and pensions, he replied that he/she should become more competitive in the labor market or try to establish a business instead of emigrating. As to the action initiated by the Yelk (Way Out), Mr. Margaryan said that the result of the action was the meeting with the President of the Republic of Armenia and with the corresponding recommendation.

The economist suggested diversifying regional imports, for example, importing energy carriers from Iran, in order to prevent pricing.