LIVE. Zhirayr Sefilyan’s trial (video)

12.20 The commander of the Shushi special battalion Zhirayr Sefilyan wanted to make a statement today at the trial but the judge Tatevik Grigoryan urged him to stand up before speaking. As a result, Zhirayr Sefilyan and the judge started speaking at the same time. Sefilyan announced that he was leaving the session hall for as long as the members of the Sasna Tsrer community, Armen Bilyan and Smbat Barseghyan, who were on hunger strike, were not transferred to Armavir penitentiary. He left the session hall, but before that, the judge made a decision to dismiss Sefilyan for 4 hours.

Gevorg Safaryan also left the courtroom for the same reason. Today, his interrogation was to continue, and after he left, the judge announced Gevorg Safaryan’s testimony to be over.


At the very beginning of the trial of Zhirayr Sefilyan and others, advocate Arsen Mkrtchyan, as a sign of the protest, stated that he left the courtroom for 18 minutes. He thus expressed his protest to the law adopted in the first reading in the National Assembly, according to which judges can fine advocates for the violation of the court hearing.

Judge Tatik Grigoryan decided to interrupt the session for 20 minutes after the advocate’s announcement.

By the way, today Tigran Yegoryan could not enter the courtroom. The court stewards tried to search him, the latter opposed