I do not know the materials, I cannot draw conclusions – Gevorg Kostanyan (video)

Former Prosecutor General, member of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Gevorg Kostanyan believes that any crime is not a result of impunity yet, by refering to the tragic car accident that took place several days ago in Yerevan with the participation of the son of Ara Vardanyan, as a result of which two traffic police officers were killed. “Now, I do not know whether or not he had a driver’s license, whether or not he had the right to drive, and whether or not the road traffic had been violated. I do not know the materials, so I cannot draw conclusions. “

Deputy Chief of Police Hunan Poghosyan said that the police did their actions accordingly. Sargis Vardanyan, who became a reason for two killed police officers, had been deprived of driving licenses since 2014, so the issue should be searched in other parts of the system.

Gevorg Kostanyan also had observations on the draft amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, which was discussed at the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs. He suggests that the detainee should be provided with all the materials, when he decides to appeal. “If he decides to appeal, but does not have all the materials, his appeal will be a non-justified, which means that the court can, in any case, consider the complaint as unfounded and refuse. “

“Four hours after the arrest of the person, all documents must be presented to the person already,” Deputy Justice Minister Artur Hovhannisyan clarified.

The commission members also discussed the rights of the detained person. “If we cannot secure their rights in the way of arrest to police, it should be written, so in this case, a person can keep silence and know why he is deprived of his liberty,” said the Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs and Human Rights Hrayr Tovmasyan.