Quality of life index of Yerevan is ranked 152 out of 204 cities

According to one of the world’s largest databases, Numbeo’s latest results, the quality of life index in Yerevan in 2017 was 112.59 points, ranking 152th among 204 cities.

In determining the quality of life index, the purchasing power, safety index, health care index, cost of living index, property price to income ratio, traffic commute time index, pollution index, and climate index are taken into consideration in calculating the quality of life in the country or city.

The worst indexes for Yerevan are the purchasing power and property price to income ratio. Health care index and pollution index are average.

Our neighbor Tbilisi, Georgia, is on the 151th in the list, with a slightly higher purchasing power and health care index than in Yerevan. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is on the 182th place, with lower indexes than Yerevan, except for the climate index. Moscow ranked the worst among the former USSR capitals by taking the 184th place, which has lower indicators than Yerevan by all indicators, except for purchasing power and health care index.

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