Poverty index will not change in Armenia regardless of decreased unemployment rate – Gagik Makaryan (video)

Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers Gagik Makaryan told journalists today at “Hayatsk” press club that even though estimates show that unemployment in Armenia may drop by 1-2% in 2018, the poverty index will be maintained.

One impetus for reducing unemployment, according to him, can be the increase in the number of enterprises in the private sector. Due to these, the number of employed in this sector has reached 330,000.

“Industrial production has been mainly stimulated. Even the index of construction sector in the past few years has a slight increase. The fight against the corruption has a positive shift. The turnover of foreign trade has grown dramatically. Domestic trade has also grown substantially,” says Makaryan.

In his opinion, this is also conditioned by the activation of tourism. Unlike these positive shifts, Makaryan notices negative shifts in agriculture.

He also notes that inflationary regulation mechanisms are not applied well in Armenia.