The girl from Berd or her thoughts from the border (video)

Shushan, a 9-year-old resident of Tavush, believes in a Christmas miracle. But for her, the magic hero of Christmas is not Santa Claus at all.

“Santa Claus, there are no such bad things,” she says, claiming that St. Nicholas is the one who brought Christmas gift.

Shushan heard about St. Nicholas’s charity from her family and realize that he is the real benefactor who helped the needy on the eve of Christmas. This 10-year-old girl has payed attention to the things that even adults do not notice.

Qartashyans’ six-member family is often in the village of Movses because their relatives here. On Sunday, they come from Berd to Movses to attend the Divine Liturgy. The girls also sang during the liturgy.

7-year-old Albert Qartashyan also sings patriotic songs.

Albert, who lives on the border, wishes peace. But his older 12-year-old sister Lilya’s wishes are much more, and one of  them is for Berd.

She says, “I want no mud in our city!”

Shushan compares between the children of Movses and Berd, and states that children in Movses love to play more.

A year ago Qartashyans’ family moved in Berd from Yerevan. There are 21 students in Shushan’s class now, but she would like to have more, at least 35, as it was in Yerevan.

The girl misses her friends in Yerevan and wants them to know about it.