Thanks to Lake Sevan sale of electricity generates additional profit

At the end of the Government’s session, Ashot Manukyan, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, mentioned that, based on the “Approving Annual and Complex Programs for Restoration, Preservation, Reproduction and Usage of Lake Sevan Ecosystem,” according to which the Ministry of Energy would open an extra-budgetary account from the sale of electricity generated from the lake’s water volume exceeding 170 million cubic meters by the energy system companies. “International Energy Corporation” and ENA CJSC would transfer additional sums of proceeds to that expense, which will be managed by the financial means received due to over 170 million cubic meters of water. The two companies had already transferred 1 billion 650 million drams. Before the Government’s approval, they would present the expenditure directions, according to which the Government would find expedient to use those amounts.