Caricaturist Vahrad’s “Gazar” (video)

The author of graphic cartoons is Vahrad Meliqjanyan from Vanadzor. He started painting at an early age, as he said, as long as he remembered himself.

23-year-old Vahrad graduated from the Painting Department of Vanadzor Pedagogical Institute. Graphic cartooning is the most captivating one for him.

In order to get impressive characters he studies his heroes, discovers their characters and  finds the most attractive side of his.

It turns out that many people want to have their caricatures. Vahrad’s customers have different preferences, and girls are the most capricious ones.


Besides painting Vahrad also plays. He is  the bass guitarist of the group “Lovesieuli”. A few days ago the group presented Gevorg Hakobyan’s “Kelle Lao” to the public. It has already been approved by band fans.

Vahad receives orders on a Facebook page named “Dazar.”

Details are available in the video