Evgeny Kissin: Your language is as elegant as your architecture (video)

Tomorrow, in the Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, the audience will enjoy a solo concert by renowned virtuoso pianist Evgeny Kissin.

“This is my fourth visit to Armenia, but I have not got acquainted with your country very well yet. When you come to the country, you do not see it. But I must say that I loved your country and the Armenian audience and your language, which is as elegant as your architecture,” said Kissin.

Beethoven’s and Rachmaninov’s peaces will be performed at the concert. Kissin likes a variety of the program,he has arranged the concert based on the principle of contrast: classic tradition and romanticism.

In addition to the announced program, the pianist has prepared a surprise performance, “But I tell you in advance, I will not do the Armenian composer’s work because I am in your country and this would be very responsible,” he said.

The “Yerevan Perspectives” international music festival will end with Evgeny Kissin’s concert. And the next year is the jubilee of the festival, so the surprises are ahead.