Scope of mortgage loan repayment service to be extended

In order to ensure legal solutions to some of the problems that have emerged in the practice of social packages, the government adopted a relevant decision today. Specifically, for the social package beneficiaries to define a precise period of use of a service after a preventive medical examination and a commitment to transfer social package amounts from banks to existing obligations; the possibility of lump-sum transfer of funds from beneficiary’s social package for students studying at Universities.

At the same time, it is proposed to extend the scope of the social package mortgage loan repayment service. That is to allow the social package beneficiaries to repay the mortgages provided under the “Affordable Housing for Public Servants” and “Affordable Housing for Young Families” programs. Additionally, in case of discharging the social package beneficiary, in case of a liability, it is offered to transfer the amount of lump-sum at the amount of liabilities.