Women in Gosh live by selling grasses (video)

Aromatic thyme and peppermint, handmade work, souvenirs, jewelry are on the counters with women waiting for tourists. This is Gosh village.

Goshavank Monastery is the center of the village, thanks to which the village has become one of the tourist destinations in Armenia.

“During the Soviet era, the Impulse factory in Dilijan had a branch, women were working in a sewing workshop, but now there is no work, and this is the main source of our income, as well as the harvest of the forest – mushrooms, wild pears, hawthorn, and muffs and homemade vodka,” says Mrs. Serik. “Those who have a cow or a pig, they survive through them. And the ones who have construction work, they hire their acquaintances for that work.”

According to Liana Arzumanyan, the village has about 1200 inhabitants, a good secondary school, 120 students and good educators, but people leave their homes and go. “70 families have gone to Russia to work and are not going back,” she adds, “many do not know whether to go or not.”