Galust Sahakyan: I tell you that Serzh Sargsyan should become Prime Minister (video)

Galust Sahakyan said that the Republicans had decided that the future Prime Minitser was Serzh Sargsyan. A person who participated in the fate of the country’s development. “The indisputable authority should not be discussed. It is Serzh Sargsyan today.”

Galust Sahakyan highly evaluated Serzh Sargsyan’s opportunities, since he had political support. Here Karen Karapetyan has a problem of support. “You keep mentioning Karen Karapetyan. But I do not thing the issue develops that way. Here no one should think of or discuss the topic of the future Prime Minister. I say that Serzh Sargsyan should run the office.”

Immediately after that Galust Sahakyan said, that the Republican Party still should decide the future Prime Minister. And he insisted, “It is impossible Serzh Sargsyan not to become the Prime Minister.”

Vahram Baghdasaryan also did not think that the future Prime Minister should be indisputable authority, simply his powers would increase and in some sense he should be indisputable. “There are no irreparable people, even the RA President modestly says it.”

The party has not discussed yet whose authority is indisputable between Serzh Sargsyan and Karen Karapetyan. “The evaluation will be given after discussions.”

The discussions over the third candidate for the Prime Minister will also be possible later, but the Republican Party cannot say anything at the moment. Touching upon Armen Rustamyan’s opinion that Karen Karapetyan was not an expert in foreign policy, Vahram Baghdasaryan mentioned, “I do not think that he is not ready to take the responsibility, but we have not discussed that matter.”

Mr. Baghdasaryan reminded that after April the number one player of the state would be the Prime Minister, not the Republican Party leader, it was possible the party leader and Prime Minister to be different figures. “If the team is united and joined, it seems to me that as a result of ideological approaches it is not an obstacle.”