Vladimir Putin: Do you want such Saakashvilis to destroy the country? (video)

Ksenia Sobchak, a well-known TV-host asked a question to the RF President Vladimir Putin at a press conference today, presenting herself as a journalist of Dozhd TV. She reminded that she was going to run for presidency in Russia’s upcoming elections.

“Because you are not involved in debates, it is not possible to get in touch with you, so I decided to ask my question this way,” she said to Vladimir Putin. The issue was related to the election campaign. “The problem is that  the opposition representatives either are not allowed to participate in the election campaign or obstacles are created for them. I feel it on myself.” Sobchak brought the example of Aleksey Navalkin, who also was not allowed to bring forward his candidacy. She also faced obstacles: people were afraid to communicate with her, while renting territories problems rose, and so on. “I know that being in opposition in Russia means that either you will be killed, or imprisoned. Why is the government afraid of fair competition?”

Vladimir Putin explained that the opposition should present people with a clear plan of opposition actions. Going against everyone was not an opposition plan. “What do you suggest for solving the issues that are under discussions today?  And speaking about persona, do you want people like Saakashvili to be a lot among us? Those whom you mentioned are Saakashvilis. Do you want such Saakashvilis to destroy the country? And, of course, the competition should and will be.”