Constitutional Court makes decision on Vardges Gaspari’s case (video)

Engineer-businessman, civic activist Vardges Gaspari’s insult to the police officers and the judge is a subject to be reviewed. The Constitutional Court made such a decision lately.

“The decision of the Court of First Instance has been overturned and sent to a new investigation,” Vardges Gaspari told A1 +.

Vardges Gaspari’s advocates appealed to the Constitutional Court after a case when the Court of Appeals lodged an appeal without considering, reasoning that it had been filed late, and the Court of Cassation did not lodged a complaint against the complaint. And the complaint was about the decision of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Shengavit district made on March 29, 2016. Judge Nelli Baghdasaryan found Vardges Gaspari guilty of a criminal offense and appointed a fine of 450,000 drams.

“The fines is on the second place, the problem is about conviction.  I have conviction from 3 to 4 years. I do not know what means to have another one or it to be overturned,” said the activist.

Vardges Gaspari thought that such decisions made in courts were connected with external factors. “They pay attention to, apart from going to a European court, but on other platforms these issues are discussed, what sort of arbitrariness those are. The only thing that it he Government is interested in is not to let any obstacles for external financial support come out.”

At the same time he did not think that authorities would make conclusions. “They can do something in a selective way to get rid of problems.”

By the way, Vardges Gaspari continues to carry out a protest action every morning at Serzh Sargsyan’s house, demanding answers to various questions.