How to differentiate fake rice (video)

There is a panic in the public about the presence of unknown and smelly rice on the market. There are doubts that it is a fake rice. One of the causes of panic is the low-quality rice assortment on the market.

“Fake rice is not connected with plastic at all. It is made of potato starch which is added with some substances,” said David Pipoyan, Head of the Food Chain Risk Assessment Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Those cause different illnesses.

If we pour the fake rice into water it will rise on the surface. Mr. Pipoyan presented the results of the experiment, conducted in their laboratory, when the rice was on the surface. But it was found out that it was the result of the broken rice grains. Because of being light they rose.

The rice, that the public is concerned about, does not boil, it stinks, which is not typical for normal rice, it does not spoil even if it is kept for 10 days after being boiled. The rice was examined and it was found out that grains are covered with diaphragms. “Nevertheless, it is not plastic, it is rice.” The expert advises to avoid using the stinking rice which does not boil.

The cause of panic is the deep distrust that has arisen because it has always been a consumer in the status of a victim.

Mr. Pipoyan urges to do the same experiment at home, and then keep it in a warm place and follow the process of molding.