Levon Shirimyan: Turkey plays very well (video)

Political scientist Levon Shirimyan does not believe that the USA’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is not a result of the Jewish lobby. ” This was a step against the victory of the Russian weapon in Syria which was agreed in advance and was waiting for a moment.”

He thinks that Iran can be the force against the USA-Israel alliance. And Turkey plays very well.

The gossips on Trump being an inexperienced president sound funny for Levon Shirinyan. “He is a unique political figure, he likes abrupt steps. I would like him to take such a step in terms of recognition of the Genocide.”

“Armenians have many worthy things in Jerusalem, which are not material but concern civilization. It is the crown and pride of Christianity and it should be taken care of,” said the political scientist. In this case it is important to keep position instead of confrontation. “Church is reasonable, for centuries, it had a good diplomacy, cannot hurry, and it will be able to cope,” he said.

Speaking of the conditions in Ukraine, the political scientist said that Mikheil Sahakashvili is one sent from Russia.