Ghukas Sirunyan: The Armenia,the image of which is going to be virtuous (video)

… He was the most honest person, honesty was his God

On December 13, it is a journalist, prose writer Mushegh Galshoyan’s birthday.

Mushegh Hove Manukyan was born in 1933, in Mehrab village (today Katnaghbyur, Aragatsotn region). Later he took his family name (Galshoyan) as a literary name.  His parents were Sasun refugees, who settled down in Talin, reaching Eastern Armenia.

He studied at the Yerevan Agricultural Institute, worked by his profession and then became a journalist. During the years of working in “Avangard” and “Spring” newspapers, in parallel with reports, he wrote his first novel, “Miro from Dzor”, which brought him much recognition.

In 1981 he posthumously  became a laureate of the State Prize of the Armenian SSR for the collection “Maruta Mountain Clouds.”

Mushegh Galshoyan died in 1981, in Katnaghbyur village, by a casual gunshot. The gunshot was very much like the one from which a hero shepherd Arakel died.

Poet Ghukas Sirunyan wrote: “he was a very honest person. Honesty was his God. This characteristic of human nature also became the attribute of his works. In other words, he and his novels were tween brothers. Mushegh Galshoyan explained to us that the war of those who lost is not over. They recreate Armenia with their actions. But they recreate another Armenia. Not the one that was called Soviet Armenia, but the one that is going to fight and win. The Armenia,the image of which is going to be virtuous.”

Today, there is a museum after Mushegh Galshoyan in his birthplace.

The documentary below is a unique approach to the prose writer of Mushegh Galshoyan. In this film, the writer comes mostly from his own hints, hints that are still up-to-date.

The screenwriters of the documentary are the prose writer’s daughter Siranush Galshoyan, who is also the director of the film, and Taron Ghaplanyan,