Jude’s method of translation in Armenia (video)

For the first time in Armenia, Jude’s method of translation has been put on practice. It is about the novel of the Turkish writer Birgül Oğuz  Hah, which translated 7 people at once.

Translator, film critic Zaven Boyajyan mentions: “We have worked so hard; the book has been distributed among 7 translators, each of them translated some part of it,, and we have worked on those translated pieces.”

Zaven Boyajyan says this translation method is accepted worldwide. The book tells about the subsequent experiences of the death of the hero’s father. There are too many references to the world and Turkish culture in the book.
Writer Arakel Semirjyan is one of the first readers of the book. According to him, the book is another attempt to break Turkey’s mythical “image” in Armenia. “So many myths have been presented that now we imagine the Turks with a yacht.”

According to Arakel Semirjyan, it would be great if the aforementioned translation method was used in Turkey for any Armenian author. Turks have no complexities with Armenians. “If you go to Turkey, you will see the most interesting thing that nobody ever doubts that you are not Turkish.”

According to Armen Martirosyan, chairman of “Antares” publishing house, culture is the best bridge for normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, as these two nations have much to tell each other. “As long as our leaders cannot change the “window” between these two countries into the “door,” let’s do our best to help the Armenian and Turkish leaders open those borders.”

On December 16, Turkish writer Birgül Oğuz will personally attend his book presentation in Yerevan.