When the greens are not sold, the works of LSGs are secondary for the villagers (video)

There is nothing to do but to gather in the center of the village, and to share the problems with each other in Gai village. At the moment, the issue of the agenda is the consumption of greens; the number of the buyers of greens has dropped.

The weather was warm, so it was favorable for the cultivating greens. However, there is a problem of consumption. During the same period of the last year, greens were sold for 100-150 drams, but this year they are not sold even for 40 drams.

If the green was sold for a normal price, maybe the villagers were interested in the works of local self-government (LSG). And while the villagers find a buyer and try to sell their products, Gai village mayor looks for funds, saves community budgets, and renovates the cultural home of the village. The program is plaaned to last 5 years.

The Gai community with 3700 residents has 9 members of the Council of Aldermen. The regular sessions are hold every two months. The decisions of the council sessions are posted on the community’s official website, says the Secretary of Staff Anna Tadevosyan.