“Mountain Dance” does not have its main place (video)

The sculpture “Mountain Dance” has not yet found its main place after two years of renovation.

“We proposed on the main avenue, where khachkars were laid, but it is filled. Once they offered the park of Avan, where there is a white statue,” said sculptor Tigran Arzumanyan to A1 +.

A few years ago, it became known that the sculpture, which decorated Dvin’s hotel for about 30 years, is on the verge of extinction. Almost 60% of the sculpture was damaged. After the alarm, the sculpture was moved. Tigran Arzumanyan, who once worked on the sculpture for 11 years, has provided 6 months of restoration. The statue was rebuilt with the money provided by the Dvin hotel owner. The sculpture is at the Yerevan Fine Arts Factory now.

“I do not want this sculpture to have a bad destiny as other such sculptures had, whose authors are not alive now. The sculpture of the small head of Acharyan, which is in front of Nairi Cinema, has been stolen and has been not found it yet. I would like it to be in the center of the city, as the security here is much stronger than in the suburbs, “added Tigran Arzumanyan.


Sculptor believes that the sculpture should be placed in a small center. “There are a lot of guests in a small center. We offer a city to be a city of tourism. This is a rare batch of national scrapbooks that was put into the Dvin Hotel. Now there is just no place there.”

Tigran Arzumanyan hopes that  the place of the sculpture will be determined at least in 2018. And the fact that kochari is  on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage Values ​​of Humanity, gives him a hope.