Who cares about culture when people are hungry? – a Gyumri resident (video)

“I do not like to say to Gyumri, Leninakan is different. When I opened my eyes, I saw Leninakan. There are a huge difference between these two,” says Samvel Matosyan, a driver from Gyumri. “It’s not a life. I was a member of the Congress, I was a honored driver, I got a high salary, so, my pension should have been high, but everything is destroyed and leveled to the ground.”

The new generation did not see Leninakan. “I’m from Gyumri,” says fifteen-year-old Liana, “I love my Gyumri very much and I see my future in my city.

Parents are trying to do everything for their children, but they should have an opportunity, as they get paid less.”

Nelly Kalashian has not been to Gyumri for five years, currently, she is working and living in Russia. “I have come to see my relatives and go,” says Nelly. “I love my city and regret that there is no hope to come back. It would be good if the government focused its attention on culture. We have very good young people who just “shine” in foreign countries.They do not have a prospect of staying here.”

What expectations do the residents of Gyumri have?

“Our expectations and prospects depend on our desire. It is not just only about complaining,” says Liana.

Economist Mrs. Gohar has no expectations and does not want to hide her anger.
“The situation of the people is getting worse. Poverty has increased. There are no jobs. Corruption does not disappear in any way. Theft has increased. Crimes are not revealed,” said Mrs. Gohar. “They want to develop a culture. Who cares about culture when people are hungry?”

Children have some expectations. They are waiting for the New Year and gifts.
Monica does not expect Santa Claus because she does not believe in Santa Claus. She does not expect a surprise from her Mother and Dad, as she knows that the gift will be a new cloth. Nonetheless, she likes New Year so much.

Driver Samvel just wants peace in the world, good service and return for our soldiers. and all the best for the people.

“Leninakan for me is a purgatory, I’m going there to get cleaned, once again to see me, to remember me, not to forget me again, to gain strength, to be smart, not to lose my humor,” once said Frunzik Mkrtchyan for his world center Gyumri.

29 years ago, this day divided the Leninakan-Gyumri city’s years before and after the earthquake …