Tigran Yeghoyan: Currently, they sell the local meat mixed with the imported hybrid meat

Farmers are in chaotic condition. Tigran Yeghoyan, Director of “Gerastgh” farming economy, reported on this. He said that the Government, in the person of the Ministry of Agriculture and Nature Protection, was engaged in criminal activity against the village and villagers.

The Yeghegis River, a part of which was engaged in farm activity, has drowned because of the 19 HPPs built on it, and the 20th HPP has recently been discovered. The Ministry of Agriculture denies the existence of so many hydropower plants, accepting the fact that there are only seven. Another issue is the Amulsar mine, from which the cyanide leaks through the snow and mixes with water resources.

During today’s press conference, the farmer referred to the Rural Advisory Centers (RACs) and announced that the program had “spent 500 million”. The farmer said that it did not justify itself; in the field of bee-keeping it was unacceptable to feed bees with sugar, disinfection with chemicals, and so on.

Tigran Yeghoyan noted that the price of meat in the market was conditioned by exporting local meat to the Iranian market. “They exported our local meat to the Iranian market and raised the price of meat. Currently, they sell the local meat mixed with the imported hybrid meat. We have studied beef and lamb meat, so, we know it for sure. I can say nothing about pork.”

To the question of A1+ on whether the export of local products and the import of ecologically not clean products had a special purpose, the speaker replied: “In my opinion, it is the dictation of external forces. They are credit programs that were brought to Armenia and spent, and today they leave all the debt to our generations.”

By the way, from the Georgian region of Marneul, where the majority of the population consists of Azerbaijani, good opportunities to engage in farming activities were offered, but on the condition to present Armenian goats to the world as a Caucasian. The offer was rejected.