Nothing to be changed in wine and brandy market after signing agreement

Nothing will be changed in the wine and brandy market after signing the agreement between Armenia and EU. Avag Harutyunyan, Head of the Winemakers’ Union, considers the agreement as a political issue. “There are many geopolitical implications, within the framework of which many investments can take place. But whinemaking is not the sphere where a number of investments, especially European, can be expected. Europeans invest in wine making here, as much as it is in the interests of theirs: German and French interests,” said Avag Harutyunyan.

He reminded that before joining the EAEU, our main markets were Russian and those of the CIS member countries. Everything is still the same. Even after accession to the EAEU, some areas had been damaged, for example, for those who supplied cork or bottles, but in that case the added amount was compensated with additional benefits.

By the way, 30% increase in exporting wine and brandy has been recorded. 93% is exported to the CIS member countries.