City Hall inspects Sanitek’s readiness for winter

Hrayr Antonyan, Head of the Department of Communal Economy of Yerevan City Hall, and Artem Abrahamyan, Chief of Operative Staff of Yerevan, checked Sanitek’s preparedness for winter.

According to the results of the inspection, all the machinery was prepared, the tires and brushes were replaced with new ones, and additional employees were involved as well. The equipment were also commissioned and their technical condition were verified. It was noted that agreements were reached with different companies to quickly resolve technical problems.

At the same time, the necessary amount of salt and sand had been accumulated. Unlike previous years, this time they will be distributed not only from two, but from four warehouses to ensure the purpose of the work. Salt and sand had also been distributed to schools, kindergartens, cultural homes for using in the internal yard areas.

Hrayr Antonyan, Head of the Municipal Administration’s Communal Economy Department, also highlighted the importance of keeping the safety rules by residents, especially considering using worn-out or non-winter tires.