Increased prices as a result of monopolized economy (video)

Hrach Berberyan, chairman of the Agrarian-Peasant Union of Armenia, considers that the increace in prices of various agricultural commodities, especially meat and egg prices, are the result of monopolized economy. According to Berberyan, since the law does not regulate the process of consumption of the farmers in Armenia, processing companies take advantage of that opportunity and gain high profits.

“It seems like  this is just an attempt. If the society to fight against this, those same people will soon lower the prices,” says Hrach Berberyan.

Hrach Berberyan believes that besides importers, domestic producers are also benefiting from the increased prices. Thus, he demands that Artak Shaboyan, Chairman of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition, be seriously engaged in all these issues.

Hrach Berberyan also touched upon the recent discussion on GMO products. He notes that hormones that are are present in food, especially in poultry, are more harmful than GMOs . According to Berberyan, there is no GMO practice in Armenian agricultural products, since feeding animals with GMO products is a very expensive “pleasure.”