Military equipment to be destroyed and the scrap will be sold (video)

With 1.3 million euros, NATO will implement Armenia’s Defense Ministry’s discharged armament, demilitarization, dismantling of military equipment, mine awareness and educational program. “Within the framework of the program, it is planned to destroy a certain unit of military equipment, as well as another 21 armored combat vehicles. The scrap of the resulting metal will be sold and the financial means generated by it, which will cost about 100 thousand euros, will be directed to Implementation of the Project of Awareness Raising in the Republic of Armenia,” first Deputy Minister of Defense Artak Zakaryan said.

He also mentioned that this project had existed for a long time but was not implemented because none of the country-members of NATO expressed the readiness to finance it. Thus, after 3 years of negotiations, Germany agreed. The program will be implemented in 4 regions of Armenia.