Why Artsakh Liberation War dropped out from fine arts (video)

Parallels between Armenia and Israel remind Karen Aghamalyan, Head of the Union of Artists, of the appeal of the country’s army.

“They do not use “suicide bomber”, they exclude death, their call is the following: go ahead, kill your enemy and return all the way, because this country needs you.”

He welcomes the students’ actions against the limitation of academic procrastination, although he supports the adoption of the draft law on the Military Service and Servicemen’s Status, but thinks that it needs certain amendments. He thinks that many young men can support the army by serving out of military units. The head of the Union of Artists also welcomes the ideology of the Nation-army.

By the way, in the near future the Union of Artists of Armenia will organize a painting competition dedicated to the Armenian army and victories.

Details are available in the video