Arsen Babayan: Rumors on 2 million drams is unreasonable

MTS Armenia, a telecommunication service provider in Armenia, denies the statement made by Arsen Babayan, Head of the Public Relations Department of the NA Staff, alleging that the company yielded Hermine Naghdalyan’s telephone services charges.

Arsen Babayan, Head of the RA NA Public Relations Department, in a conversation with tried to deny the information provided by that Armenian MP Hermine Naghdalyan’s debt of 2 million drams for mobile phone conversations was paid from the state budget. “Rumors on 2 million drams is unreasonable. There was no such amount. Already in May, H. Naghdalyan’s mobile phone debt was big which was called in question by the NA. As a result of VivaCell-MTS’s research, it turned out that the debt arose because of the technical problem, in particular, the 3G connection was connected to the roaming network. The company withdrew its account already in May. Therefore, the NA staff has not paid money, as there was no need to submit a claim for compensation, “A. Babayan said.

“MTS Armenia” provides all its subscribers, whether they are individuals, organizations or state agencies, providing services on the basis of the relevant agreements and the terms stipulated therein, including tariffs. The bills and payments are made in accordance with the same contracts and applicable legal acts.

In connection with the issues raised recently in the media, the Company has conducted an internal investigation and can assure with full responsibility that the Company did not have any technical defect in the accounts being written off, the accounts for the services were properly presented, they have reviewed by the Company and were paid by the subscriber.

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